Professor Yuri Izrael: Co-Winner 1992

Professor Yuri Izrael, a scientist, is former Chairman of the Committee for Hydrometeorology - the central organization for the provision of natural disaster warnings throughout the Soviet Union. He is also Director of the Institute of Global Climate and Ecology, which is part of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

As the first and two-term Vice-President of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), he helped to develop World Weather Watch, an international programme designed to improve the weather services of the various nations of the world, particularly the developing countries. He is an expert in the fields of ecology, geophysics, chemistry of the atmosphere, oceanology and geography and has devoted many years to the cause of natural environment protection in his own country.

He showed remarkable courage in visiting the Chernobyl site on the second day of the disaster. He continued to work in the Chernobyl area, measuring the radiation situation and studying the impact of radioactive contamination on the natural environment - and subsequently spent nearly four months in hospital. Later, President Gorbachev awarded him his country's highest honour.

His scientific and organizational skills contributed to the success of Working Group I I (Impact Assessment) of the intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), sponsored jointly by WMO and UNEP.

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