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China Voices Support for National Study on Value of Ecosystem Services
The Chinese government has signaled its support for a future national study on the value of the country's ecosystems and biodiversity, during a high-level meeting in Beijing. Such a study would be based on The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB); a UNEP-hosted initiative which calls for wider recognition by decision-makers in business and government of nature's contribution to human livelihoods, health, security, and culture.

UNEP Deputy Executive Director, Amina Mohamed, noted: "We need to take this into account in the future framework of South-South Cooperation and strengthen our efforts to meet increasing needs for food, water, energy and shelter. We must ensure that activities in South-South Cooperation support ecosystems, which are the foundation of our sustainability."
Story Source Link: http://www.egovmonitor.com/node/52871