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The 2012 World Resources Forum in Beijing calls for better international resource governance
The 2012 World Resources Forum in Beijing calls for better international resource governance; developing countries and emerging economies meet at the drawing board to design the future of the world’s resources use

Beijing, 23 October 2012. “The Chinese approach of a harmonisation of economy and ecology, and similar international initiatives by other countries, need to be implemented and followed by all. Phasing out or drastically diminishing dependencies on fossil fuels, in particular the global economy’s addiction to oil and coal, was considered to be technically and economically feasible for the next decades, with each country choosing its own path. Policies for sustainable resource management and changing consumption and production patterns need to be based upon solid research, not only engineering but also behavioral oriented scientific findings.” These conclusions rose from the 2012 World Resources Forum, held during 19-23 October in Beijing, China, co-organized by the Swiss-based WRF Secretariat (http://www.worldresourcesforum.org/) and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), with support from a range of governments, international organizations, business and leading resource scientists worldwide. The Forum recommended the establishing of an international resource platform for achieving better international resource governance.
“Comparing to the existing International Energy Agency (IEA), which was built up by OECD countries, this platform should from the start involve developing and emerging countries.” This is the remarkable notion of this Forum. The Forum was opened by the H.E. Li Ganjie, Vice Minister of Environmental Protection in China and attended by over 700 participants from more than 50 countries. 250 presentations in 11 scientific themes and some 80 poster were presented at the Forum. A children's drawing exhibition of Swiss and Chinese schools were part of the program. The next WRF will be held in Davos, 6-9 October 2013.
Story Source Link: http://www.worldresourcesforum.org/beijing-wrf-conference-recommends-establishing-international-platform-resources.