UNEP and the various Olympic Events

Sochi elected by the IOC as the host city for the XXII Olympic Winter Games in 2014. More on UNEP's engagement with the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics here
UNEP is also exploring the possibilities of developing a cooperative agreement with the London 2012 Olympic Games Organizing Committee (LOCOG). More on LOCOG's environmental programme
UNEP and the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games Organizing Committee (VANOC) are discussing the development of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU was signed in 2007.

VANOC has already launched its first sustainability report. The 2005-2006 Sustainability Report looks at VANOC's work six performance objectives: Accountability; Sport for Sustainable Living; Environmental Stewardship and Impact Reduction; Social Inclusion and Responsibility; Aboriginal Participation and Collaboration; Economic Benefits. More on the environmental work of VANOC .

UNEP and the Beijing Olympic Committee of the Olympic Games (BOCOG) signed a MoU in November 2005 aimed a making the summer Olympics of 2008 environmentally-friendly (Press Release). Within the context of the MoU, UNEP is helping BOCOG to implement its environmental plans and projects for the preparations of the Games. UNEP is also helping to improve communications between environmental NGOs and BOCOG. UNEP is working with BOCOG to raise media awareness and understanding of the environmental achievements and challenges of the Beijing 2008 Games. more...