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GUPES Launch
'The Premier Global Environment and Sustainability Platform'

Global Universities Partnership on Environment and Sustainability (GUPES), a platform that engages universities globally in responding to the challenges of sustainable development, by supporting innovative and relevant approaches to education, was launched on 5 June, 2012.

The ceremony was hosted by Tongji University at the UNEP Tongji Institute for Environment and Sustainability in Shanghai, China. The launch was hosted alongside the 2012 International Students Conference on Environment and Sustainability and the Asia-Pacific Leadership Programme on Environment for Sustainable Development.

GUPES objectives include:-

  • To provide a strategic platform for the mainstreaming of environment and sustainability concerns into universities;
  • To build, through university education systems, leadership needed for responding to sustainable development challenges;
  • To revitalize higher education system and enable it to address current sustainable development challenges with emphasis on UNEP’s six thematic priorities;
  • To contribute to the knowledge generation within UNEP’s seven priority thematic areas and other contemporary environmental and sustainability issues, risks and challenges;
  • To optimize development opportunities provided by ecosystem services in a sustainable manner in line with the principles of  “Green Economy” and in the context of sustainable development;
  • To help prepare the world for the projected impacts of global climate change, disasters and conflicts, harmful substances and hazardous wastes.

GUPES is expected to provide a platform for universities around the world interested in enhancing environment and sustainability concerns through teaching, training and networking. This will enhance universities’ access to relevant sustainability support, information and educational resources while allowing them to substantively contribute in shaping the sustainability agenda for universities globally.

The two day was used to evaluate lessons learnt, challenges and opportunities for GUPES network, agree on a common platform and strategic partnership framework for universities globally on environment and sustainability; and developed strategic frameworks for resource mobilization for GUPES programmes, projects and activities.

  • GUPES Launch Draft Agenda
  • Background documents on GUPES
  • Contact details
  • GUPES Launch Brochure