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UNEP Transport - Global Fuel Economy Initiative

GFEI Fuel Economy Accelerator Symposium
27 rue de la Convention, Paris, 75015 | 5th September 2014

One action that can bring quick and substantial climate emissions reductions is improving the fuel efficiency of motor vehicles. The Global Fuel Economy Initiative (GFEI) will be showcased at the United Nations Climate Summit in 23 September in New York to show how countries around the world can improve the efficiency of their vehicle fleets.The meeting, hosted by the Global Fuel Economy Initiative (GFEI) with the support of the French Government, is a preparatory meeting for the UN Climate Summit and seeks to match the political will of many more countries who want to improve fuel efficiency, with the greater engagement of the private sector, and others.


GFEI Auto Tool

GFEI - Autotool

The GFEI supports a number of countries in their attempts to develop fuel economy policies through the GFEI toolkit, which gathers best practice in fuel economy in an accessible form.

GFEI - Autotool