Macro and City Level Indicators for a Sustainable Transportation System in India

The development of a set of sustainability indicators is one of the activities of the project "Promoting Low Carbon Transport in India". The indicators will serve as a tool to measure the sustainability of transport systems based on the long-term economic, social and environment impacts of transport decisions made at national and city level. It is important that indicators developed for India best reflect local perceptions of sustainability.

CEPT University's Centre for Urban Equity (CUE) organised a one day stakeholder's workshop on 29 August 2011, in Ahmedabad India, to discuss these indicators. Stakeholders included project partners and other experts working on sustainable transport. The workshop objective was to obtain expert opinion beyond what exists within the three partner institutions, who had prepared a list of indicators as per the agreed format, which covered economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability. Links to key documents (Workshop Report, Annex 1 - Macro Level Indicators, Annex 2 - City Level Indicators and Annex 3 - Definition of the Indicators) that were the outcomes of these consultations are provided below.

Prior to the finalization of the indicators, project partners, key stakeholders and transport experts were invited to participate in a public survey that was conducted till 17 October 2011, to facilitate successful elaboration of these indicators within the project and to pave the way for their wider application in policy planning. A link to the 'Public Survey' is provided below. The indicators were also presented and discussed at a second stakeholder workshop that took place on 18-20 October 2011 in New Delhi.




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Special Issue: Energy Policies for Low Carbon Sustainable Transport in Asia

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