Rebuilding Roads for All


Burundi is Share the Road’s fourth pilot country. UNEP first engaged with the government of Burundi when representatives from the Ministry of Transport and from Bujumbura City were invited to the “Share the Road Report Launch and East Africa Workshop” at UNEP Headquarters in November 2010 (more on this meeting). Then, in June 2011, UNEP received a request for support in improving road conditions for all users, during the “Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Workshop on the Costs and Benefits of Clean Fuels and Vehicles” (more on this meeting).

Focus Areas

1. Awareness-Raising: First National Workshop on Share the Road

As a first step in launching a national Share the Road project in Burundi, a workshop took place on 15 November 2011, in Bujumbura. The key objective of the meeting was to sensitize stakeholders on the issues and to develop an action plan.

On 4 September 2013, a second stakeholders workshop took place in Bujumbura, to launch the pilot non-motorised transport (NMT) project for the city. Discussions during the workshop focused on the goals of the Share the Road initiative and current state of NMT in the country.

2. Action Plan for Adopting NMT Policy

One of the key outcomes of the November 2011 workshop was an action plan, with targets and timelines, for developing and adopting NMT policy.

The September 2013 workshop recognized the importance of the East African Regional Framework as a key catalyst that would promote NMT recognition in Burundi. Key recommendations from this workshop included development of a strategy for NMT, and the design and construction of road infrastructure that caters for NMT users. The workshop report can be viewed here . A national NMT flyer was also developed to promote education and awareness raising amongst the citizenry. The flyer can be viewed in both English and French .

The Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Equipment is in the process of finalizing terms of reference for a consultant to support the government in the design process for an NMT pilot project. UNEP is supporting the Ministry by offering technical advice and guidance for the process, and will continue to engage with partners in the design phase of the NMT project. The government has already identified a corridor that could pilot the NMT facilities, and will engage development banks to secure funding for implementation.

Partners in Burundi

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