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NMT Policy in Uganda
Policy Change in Kenya
Share the Road Global Report

About Us

Share the Road is a UNEP initiative, developed with the FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society.  It brings together the environment and safety agendas in the context of urban transport in the developing world where the majority, pedestrians and cyclists, are disadvantaged on the road.  The overall goal is to catalyse government and donor policies for systematic investments in walking and cycling road infrastructure.  


Updates & News
NTSA Steps up Measures to Reduce Road Carnage
1 August 2014, Capital News
The Bike-Share Boom Arrives in Lanzhou, China
11 July 2014, ITDP
Can Biking and Walking Save Lives in Cities in the Global South?
13 June 2014, Huffington Post
Vulnerable Road Users Benefit less from Improved Road Safety
21 May 2014, ITF
Awareness Raising Event on NMT
7 April 2014, Kampala, Uganda