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Asian Tsunami Disaster
Asian Tsunami Disaster
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Situation Reports

Sri Lanka Tsunami Situation Report
(Report Number 6, 15 March 2006)

Sri Lanka Post-Tsunami Environmental Assessment
(October 2005)

Post-Tsunami Environment Assessment: Maldives
( 17th June 2005)

After the Tsunami: Rapid Environmental Assessment
( 22nd February 2005)

UNEP Asian Tsunami Disaster Task Force
(Situation report 6, 03 February 2005)

OCHA Situation Report No. 23
(Earthquake and Tsunami, 02 February 2005)

OCHA Situation Report No. 9
(Earthquake and Tsunami, 01 January 2005)

Indonesia: Preliminary Damage and Loss Assessment
(The Consultative Group on Indonesia, 19-20 January 2005 (pdf))

UNEP Comprehensive Situation Report
(UNEP Asia Tsunami Disaster Task Force dated 11 January 2005 (pdf))



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