The 3rd Chinese Children's Painting Competition and the Launch Ceremony of the Chinese Children's Environmental Education Programme

The Launch Ceremony of Chinese Children's Environmental Education Programme and 2010 Chinese Children's Painting Competition on Environmental Protection was held in Beijing on November 11th 2009. Approximately 100 people including Achim Steiner, Under Secretary-General of the UN and Executive Director of the UNEP, MS. Liz, Chair of the Organizing Committee and the Evaluation Committee of the Competition, MR. LUO Hong, UNEP Climate Hero, originator of the competition and President of Holiland, WANG Zhijia, Special Coordinator of UNEP attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by LIN Miaoke, the child star who sang a song at the Opening Ceremony of 2008 Beijing Olympics Games.

2010 Chinese Children’s Environmental Education Programme was sponsored by UNEP and UNEP LUO Hong Fund and Undertaken by Holiland. Its predecessor—Chinese Children's Painting Competition on Environmental Protection has been successfully held twice, more than 550 thousand paintings about environmental protection were collected and attending students and teacher reached more than 3.8 million. It was indentified as the largest environmental protection education activity with the largest number of participants by UNEP.

MS. Liz, chair of the Organizing Committee of the Competition said at the launch ceremony, “For the purpose of fully promoting Chinese children’s environmental protection education, It is decided to upgrade Chinese Children's Painting Competition on Environmental Protection to 2010 Chinese Children's Environmental Education Programme. Currently, countries such as Norway, South Africa, Korea, Indonesia and India have clearly stated that they would copy from our Children's Painting Competition on Environmental Protection in their respective countries.”
It is reported that the theme of this Environmental Education Programme was “Biodiversity: Connecting with Nature”. This programme will spread environmental protection concept, popularize environmental protection knowledge and help to cultivate environmental protection habits among Chinese children and then lead the adults to protect environment through diversified activities such as painting competition, young teacher training, environmental protection class, charity sale programme, UNEP bookshelf, etc.

The organizer said that Environmental Education Programme was the upgrading of Painting Competition and would conduct painting competitions and environmental protection classes among about 1700 primary and secondary schools all around China. It is estimated that approximately one million children will attend the painting competition and more than two million teachers and students will participate in the environmental protection classes. Meanwhile, the Education Programme will send 4000 training CDs on environmental protection and provide network training platform to teachers and schools participating in the competition. And about 1000 outstanding teacher from Beijing, Tianjin and Shenyang will be selected to receive centralized training made by environmental protection experts, which will be the largest environmental protection training targeted at teacher by UNEP. The organizing committee also decided to set up UNEP bookshelf to spread environmental protection knowledge to the Chinese adults. At present, the first UNEP bookshelf has been decided to be set up in the 1000 chain stores of Holiland in 70 cities all around China, and Holiland is the Management institution of the programme.

In addition, UNEP will invite 20 first prize winners and 10 excellent tutors with significant contribution and representatives from outstanding organization award winners to the headquarter of UNEP in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, for the awarding ceremony and environmental protection activities. In the mean time, the works of the first and second prizes winners will be send to UNEP for “the 19th International Children’s Painting Competition on the Environment”
Charity sale of Children’s paintings programme, which is an important activity of 2010 Chinese Children’s Environmental Protection Programme was officially started at the launch ceremony. MR. Achim Steiner, Under Secretary-General of the UN, Ms. Liz Rihoy, Chair of the Organizing Committee and MR. LUO Hong, the UNEP Climate Hero, the originator of the Competition will sign names on the painting for the first charity sale to support this activity.

The Charity Sale Programme of the Works of Chinese Children’s Painting Competition on Environment Protection is the first charity sale on environmental protection in China by UNEP, and the first charity sale are part of first and second prize winning paintings in the past two Competition, and all the fund raised from charity sale will be donated to UNEP to support UNEP’s environmental protection programmes in China. MR. LUO Hong, the UNEP Climate Hero, originator of the Competition and President of Holiland said he hoped that these children’s painting full of Child interest and environmental protection innovation would help to attract more adults to focus environmental protection and make contribution to saving the world.

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