Day 2 Round up

On the second day of the conference, children and youth received a video presentation by Sara Canning, a young hollywood actress known mostly for her role in the TV series Vampire Diaries. She called upon young people to stand firm and demand for positive change as a lead up to and during the forthcoming Rio+20 conference to be held in Brazil. Delegates participated in parallel plenary sessions based on the themes of Global Environmental Governance and Sustainable Lifestyles. Whilst children discussed sustainable lifestyles and waste management, previous youth participants and environmental leaders offered their perspectives on Rio+20 and offered advice on how to make an effective impact.

The afternoon focused on interactive workshops moderated by mentors and facilitators. Children’s sessions included discussions on renewable energy and sustainable development, ecological monitoring, communication through media, green economy and poverty eradication, reforming communities and engaging children in green economy initiatives.

Youth participated in various workshops on taking action and showcasing inspiring youth initiatives, "ecopreneurship", building a movement using online tools as well as youth involvement in the international process towards RIO+20.

Participants also held regional meetings, fostering discussions on the implications of the green economy and sustainable lifestyles as well as shared projects within their geographic contexts.