• Saturday 9 February: 20:30-21:30

    • Media Training Session, TYAC Meeting
  • Sunday 10 February: 11:00-13:00

    Health & the Environment Workshops

    • Youth in Water and Health: Jovana Dodos - WHO Youth Network
    • Forests: Niklas Johan Hagelberg - UN-REDD / Christian Lambrechts - Rhino Ark
    • Challenging Human Health: Hui Zhou - University of Michigan
    • Volvo Adventure Programme/Case Studies: Wayne Talbot
    • Think Global Initiative Project Coordinator 2012/2013: Mike Kalmus Eliasz
  • Monday 11 February: 14:00-15:30

    Youth & the Global Environment Workshops

    • From Youth to Changemakers: Kevin Ochieng
    • Developing and facilitating large scale consultations with youth: Aleksandra Nateska - We Canada
    • Developing and implementing local youth environmental project: María Boa, Dalia Márquez and Chucky Bartolo -(TYAC)
    • Youth and social movement: Ivana Savic and Kiara Worth
    • Youth Influence in the Global development Agenda on water: Thomas Chiramba - UNEP/DEPI
    • Reforming your community and local mobilization for the environment: Grace Paramitha, Nema Shawki and Shruti(TYAC )
  • Tuesday 12 February: 15:30-17:00

    Rio+ 20 Outcomes & Post 2015

    • Green Entrepreneurship: John Wali
    • How you get the green economy going: Wayne Talbot - Volvo
    • Nation wide Youth Mobilization: Alesksandra Nateska - We Canada
    • What did youth get out of Rio+20? Sara Svensson - MGCY
    • Green Entrepreneurship: Jealous Chirove ILO
    • Influence on the state of the environment: Jovana Dodos
  • Wednesday 13 February: 11:30-13:00

    Youth & the Global Environment/sustainable Consumption

    • Youth in the UNEP Governing Council - Get your Say: Sara Svensson - MGCY
    • One Planet Living: Ann Begovic
    • Eco consumer: Dare to make a promise? Jovana Dodos - WHO Youth Network
    • Things We Carry. Sustainable Consumption: Khairoon Abbas
    • Practical action for improving water at local level: UNEP/DEPI
    • Global Energy Consumption and Energy Security Issue: Hui Zhou - University of Michigan