About in-session documents


About in-session documents:


In-session documents are found in the paperless portal in the following manner:

CRPs (conference room papers)

Document symbol CRPs are usually used for documents of a temporary nature, such as a proposal by a proponent or a group of proponents, or additional reports or information on the subject at hand. CRPs are posted under "Conference Room Papers" and accessed only from the papersmart portal.

L documents

Document symbol L is usually used for documents that contain results of major bodies, such as results of the work of sessional committees or working parties. L documents are posted under "L documents". "L" stands for limited distribution. L documents are accessed only from the papersmart portal.


Non-papers are proposals, amendments and comments submitted by participants on the text under consideration to facilitate the negotiating process. They usually do not bear a document number, and are not considered part of the official record. Non-papers are posted under "non-papers", which are accessed only from the papersmart portal.