World Environment Day - Seychelles: Finding Solutions to Water Scarcity

Sustainable Tourism

In a report on tourism in SIDS released prior to Rio+20, titled Challenges and Opportunities for Tourism in Small Island Developing States, UNWTO finds that the number of international tourists visiting SIDS reached 41 million in 2011. The annual revenue generated by international tourism in SIDS exceeded US$ 38 billion. For some SIDS, tourism accounts for over 40% of GDP, and 50 % to 75% of exports of services. In an Annex to the Nassau Declaration on Tourism for Sustainable Development in Island States, held earlier this year in the Bahamas, UNWTO further noted that in terms of economic impact, inbound tourism expenditure amounts to more than 20% of GDP in two fifths of the SIDS where data is available. Indeed, recent IMF missions to SIDS consistently find that where there is growing revival of tourism in the aftermath of the global economic crisis, there is growing momentum for economic recovery, leading to improved fiscal stance, more social spending, and balanced budget of those SIDS.

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