The judges have spoken! After reviewing your submissions from all continents, we are down to the ten finalists!

Every day this week we will feature two of our top ten entries for the WED 2015 blog competition, in the lead up to the announcement of the winning blogger. The winner will receive a free trip to Milan, to participate in WED celebrations on 5 June at the Expo Milano in Italy, and to post blogs and updates on social media about the experience. So check in every day to learn more about sustainable consumption from our finalists.

Our spotlight today falls on Allision Ballentine and Abid Hussain.

Allision Ballentine

I am fortunate to live in an area of the United States that embraces the environmental movement and thereby provides incredible momentum and inspiration to live in environmentally sustainable ways. This community influence coupled with a lifelong desire to protect wildlife and natural places encouraged me to seek a graduate degree in Environmental Studies through Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland.

Previously in my career with wildlife, I have had the honor of studying endangered hawksbill sea turtles in the Caribbean, critically endangered monkeys in West Africa and nearly extinct red wolves in North Carolina, U.S.A. In each of these situations I learned much about the wildlife, but possibly more about the human and environmental threats that have contributed to their alarming decline. Through those experiences, I have gained a valuable understanding that in order to protect wildlife, we must also aid and educate their human neighbors, both near and far. These actions are not mutually exclusive, but instead address the binding ties that have created our beautiful and suffering planet.

I believe that an undergraduate degree in Anthropology, a career in wildlife ecology and a Master's degree in Environmental Studies will be a dynamic combination allowing me to work on the forefront of human and wildlife conflict and well being. Carbon emissions, climate change, ocean acidification, overpopulation, over consumption, and pollution affects everyone, from major emissions contributors to children in developing nations to honey bees and salamanders. My concern for the dangers inflicted on human and wildlife populations lead me into a field where I hope to provide protection for them.

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Abid Hussain

I am a Parliamentarian at the Pakistan Youth Parliament for Water, which we have recently launched to facilitate policy making in the field of water and climate change at government level. It is first country chapter of World Youth Parliament for Water. I am doing a Masters in Sustainable Water, Sanitation, Health and Development at the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and previously completed a BS in Environmental Sciences at the same institute.

Previously, I worked as a Research Associate on the DAAD German-funded project on Sedimentation of Large Dams, and before that, at the HEC Pakistan-funded project on the Environmentally Sustainable Development of Islamabad. I have published one international conference paper on the siltation of dams and one national conference paper on water, sanitation and poverty in developing countries. My research paper on sustainable management of water resources in Pakistan has been accepted for publication in a Polish journal named Sylwan and another research paper has been submitted to the European journal named Water Resource Management.

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Previously Featured...

Melanie Anderson

Melanie Anderson is pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, BC Canada. In her personal life she takes sustainability seriously by committing to eating and living locally for an entire year which she shares on her blog Mel the Locavore.

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Jane Dunne

Jane Dunne is a Senior Editor at Specialty Technical Publishers in Canada, and she is currently working on an update to Environmental Auditing: Integrated California and Federal Compliance Guide, which covers the topic of solid waste management requirements.

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Justine Smith

Justine loves exploring nature. She has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in environmental management, including a PhD investigating the fire ecology of Australian marsupials. She currently works in Protected Areas policy and planning in Adelaide, Australia.

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donna Kwok

Donna Kwok is a graphic designer, blogger and certified yogi who combines her passion for design with her hope for a greener Earth. Her latest project is Simply Conscious, a blog focused on how to bring environmentally conscious habits, wellness and eco-friendly practices into daily life.

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Syanne Helly

Originally from Indonesia, Syanne is currently living in Birmingham, UK, where she completed a masters in Organisational Behaviour at the London School of Economics.

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Kara Brussen

Having just finished her studies in environmental engineering last year, Kara is now working in her dream job as a sustainability consultant in Melbourne, Australia.

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Emily Helminen

Emily Helminen is an intern for the Transforming Cultures project at the Worldwatch Institute in the USA. She writes for the Yardfarmers blog and assists with managing the Yardfarmers website.

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Babatunde Ayodeji Ladipo

Tunde is a budding sustainability expert from Nigeria, passionate about using his experience to improve environmental management systems.

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