World Environment Day - Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level

WED Brazil 2014

The World Environment Day (WED) celebrations in Brazil engaged the whole UN System, as the UN Green Group promoted sustainable practices at the workplace during a United Nations Country Team meeting. Information material was distributed at the UN House, and the staff was invited to check for their environmental footprint and to attend a presentation on climate change. A tree was planted by the UN representatives, including UNEP, UNDP, UN Women and UNFPA, among others.

During the week, the UNEP ROLAC-Brazil Office promoted an institutional agenda to celebrate WED. On 2 June, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, one of the most prestigious research centers on biodiversity in Brazil, to publicize biodiversity information data through the Brazilian Biodiversity Information System (SiBBr), which is being implemented by a GEF funded project promoted by UNEP and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Brazil. The agreement also included the dissemination of data from the Botanic Garden partners and the repatriation of information from international institutions.

Green Passport – Just one week in advance to the 2014 FIFA World Cup opening match, UNEP promoted three editions of the Sustainability Journeys, a workshop on sustainable production and consumption for the tourist sector. The journeys are part of the Green Passport campaign, and is promoting sustainable practices for consumers and producers in tourism. The workshops were held in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia, three of the host-cities of the event. Please find more information at