World Environment Day Vlogging Competition! Who will win a trip to an Island?

World Environment Day Video-Blog Competition Showdown!

Over the past week, the top 5 video-bloggers competed in the World Environment Day video-blogging showdown.

Now it's over to Don Cheadle to choose the final winner.

Watch the Top 5 video-blogs and get to know each video-maker here!

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Caity Vanstone

Caity Vanstone Hendon is a musician, entrepreneur, and filmmaker. She is passionate about the environment and will be making a short documentary that will focus on importance of the honey bee this summer. Caity loves covering music from the 1920‘s-1960‘s. She collects vintage cameras and adores working with black and white film.
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Fatin Chowdhury

Fatin Chowdhury believes we need to humanize climate change and tell the stories of frontline communities and SIDS most at risk in the coming century in order to catalyze climate action. He wants to work on projects sharing these stories. As an active youth in the climate justice movement, major environmental conferences such as Rio+20 and COP19 have forced him to evaluate the disparity in high-level policy discussions and the actual impacts on the ground.
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Inka Leisma

Inka Leisma is a de facto enthusiast. This avid blogger, crowdfunder, and lover of sustainable style is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone. She believes small changes can generate larger ones. She loves writing, photo exhibitions and crochet, and dreams of spending a year in Berlin doing just that. In 2013, she was selected to the top 10 in the World Environment Day blogging competition.
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Jordan Heiden

Jordan Heiden is a Public Relations major and Sustainability minor at Hofstra University. In her free time, she enjoys writing poetry, blogging, taking photos, volunteering, and creating small projects for herself. She has both a blog and YouTube vlog that discusses the importance of environmental action. Her most recent accomplishment was creating a “Ban the Bottle” petition for her school.
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Kaitlyn Randolph

Kait Randolph is studying integrated science education for students in grades 7-12 at the University of Toledo. Cooking, writing, travelling, reading, hiking, and learning are a few of her favorite things. Coffee shops, mountains, cities, libraries, churches, and museums are a few of her favorite places. She’s fairly new to the vlogging scene, but she believes that technology and multimedia are wonderful vessels for teaching content and increasing awareness for a cause, and she plans to incorporate forms of media into her career in education.
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