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The GEO Year Book 2006 is the third report in this series on the changing global environment produced by UNEP, in collaboration with some of the world’s leading environmental experts.

The 2006 Year Book includes global and regional overviews. It highlights linkages between environmental well-being, vulnerability and poverty;
presents recent findings on the value of ecosystem services; and describes new research findings
on polar and ocean changes that could prove to be a turning point with respect to the urgency of our awareness of (and response to) global change.

The Feature Focus section analyzes the environmental,
socio-economic and public health impacts of energy-related air pollution. The emerging scientific and policy challenges of crop production in a changing climate are examined in detail, as are fish and shellfish farming that does not damage marine ecosystems.

The GEO Indicators provide an up-to-date, graphic snapshot of key trends in the management of our planetary habitat. This Year Book is essential, informative and authoritative reading for anyone with an interest in our changing environment, including those with a policy-making role.

Table of Contents
"2005 has witnessed unprecedented interest in the economics of the environment and the goods and services that nature provides."

Klaus Toepfer
Under-Secretary General
and Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme
Overview 2005
 Review  Global  Africa  Asia and the Pacific  Europe
 Latin America and the Caribbean  North America  West Asia  Polar
Feature Focus: Energy and Air Pollution
 Defining the Energy and Air Pollution Challenge
 Indoor Air Pollution From Solid Fuels
 Urban Outdoor Air Pollution
 Long-Range Transport of Air Pollution  Dealing with Air Pollution
Emerging Challenges – New Findings
 Crop Production in a Changing Climate
 Fish and Shellfish Farming in Marine Ecosystems
GEO Indicators
 Atmosphere  Disasters Caused by Natural Hazards   Forests
 Biodiversity  Coastal and Marine Areas   Freshwater  Urban Areas
 Global Environmental Governance
Illustrations, Tables and Graphics
 List of Illustrations  List of Figures  List of Boxes  List of Tables
 Acronyms and Abbreviations  Acknowledgements
 Collaborating Centres
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