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The GEO Year Book Series

GEO Year Book 2007
The opportunities and risks examined in the Feature Focus of GEO Year Book 2007 on the interface between Environment and Globalization are considered from a dynamic and interactive approach. With responsible management, risks can be diffused or even transformed into opportunities. With no management or mismanagement, opportunities can all too easily degrade into risks. The impact of nanotechnologies on the environment and human health are examined in the Emerging Challenges chapter.

GEO Year Book 2006
The GEO Year Book 2006 Feature Focus elaborates on the environmental, socio-economic and public health impacts of energy-related air pollution. Associated with the energy consumption that contributes to air pollution are increasing global concerns over climate change, and energy security and access. The chapter on Emerging Challenges addresses two topics of policy interest related to food security. The first topic explores the issue of crop production in a changing climate, while the second identifies environmental effects and best practices related to fish and shellfish farming in marine ecosystems.

GEO Year Book 2004/5
The Feature Focus of the 2004/2005 Year Book looks at the links between gender, poverty and environment. The Emerging Challenges section explores how environmental change can trigger the emergence or re-emergence of infectious diseases, demonstrating the role of good environmental management in minimizing adverse trends. It also presents an overview of recent changes in ocean salinity and a step-by-step explanation of why this could have serious consequences.

GEO Year Book 2003
Water is the topic of the Feature Focus in the Year Book 2003. Water plays an important role in realizing various internationally-agreed development goals, including those contained in the Millennium Declaration which arose out of the UN Millennium Summit of Heads of State and Governments convened in 2000. The section on Emerging Challenges focuses on science and research findings related to the nitrogen cycle and marine fisheries.
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