Radio journalist Patricia Okoed-Bukumunhe
Winner of the inaugural UNEP Young Environmental Journalist Award

Radio journalist Patricia Okoed-Bukumunhe has won the inaugural UNEP Young Environmental Journalist Award for her report 'Climate Change and Uganda'.

Ms. Okoed-Bukumunhe is a news editor and anchor with Capital FM in Kampala, Uganda. She also reports for Radio France International.

Her winning entry described the far-reaching effects of climate change on Uganda's environment and economy. It covered the impact of increasingly erratic weather patterns on the coffee industry (Uganda's largest export) and how the melting of snow on the peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains could damage tourism. The report also showed how climate change is putting increasing pressure on water supplies to Uganda's homes and agriculture and even leading to a potential border dispute. Jury members described the entry as "original, cutting edge environmental reporting".

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