Success Stories

In Sydney, Homebush Bay, which was for decades an environmental liability as a toxic waste dump, was restored as a safe recreational site because it was chosen as the main site for the Olympic Games.
The 2008 Olympic bid in Beijing has been the impetus for a massive air quality campaign that has seen a significant reduction in air pollution due to the pressure from the bidding committee to provide a safe environment for competition.

It is perhaps a strange irony that this most powerful vision of sport’s future should be born not in the wealthy cities of Europe and North America but in seemingly desperate conditions of an African slum. The sporting vision of MYSA is surely the closest thing yet to a working model of sustainable sport: through shared responsibility and community participation the complementary goals of better human and environmental health, greater recreational opportunities and, personal and community growth are all achieved.Using the popular appeal of sport, a group of kids from a slum in Nairobi, Kenya, set about tackling the interrelated problems of pollution, disease, crime, addictions and general lethargy from which they suffered.
What started out as a sport/environmental clean-up programme in 1987 has expanded to include many other initiatives. More about MYSA