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Emissions-Impacts-Climate Change

New theme page launched on UNEP Live
The new page on UNEP’s knowledge management platform – UNEP Live - highlights initiatives at the national and regional levels, as well as responses the international community is putting in place. The Emissions-Impact-Climate Change page includes:

The Emissions Gap Report:
UNEP conducts periodic scientific assessments of the Emissions Gap on climate change mitigation scenarios. It focuses on examining the gap in 2030 between emission levels consistent with the 2 °C limit, and levels expected if country pledges/commitments are met. UNEP reports that the gap is large, but can be bridged through concerted action that promotes both development goals and climate change mitigation. » Read more

COP20, Lima, Peru





  • Daily Events
    • The Future is Priceless - We Have The Power to Keep Global Warming Below 2°C
    • The Future is Priceless - The Human Consequences of The Rising Sea Level
    • One UN for… Catalyzing Green Investment – Put a Price on Carbon
    • One UN for… Climate Change Education for All
  • Monday, 1 December
    • International aviation and maritime transport: Addressing emissions from international bunker fuels
  • Tuesday, 2 December
    • Technology Mechanism: Enhancing technology cooperation for action on climate change
  • Wednesday, 3 December
    • Structured Expert Dialogue
    • Nairobi work programme 8th Focal Point Forum
  • Thursday, 4 December
    • Data, Knowledge and Innovation for Climate Action

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The Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants


Climate Technology Centre & Network

Youth Climate Report Video Map

GIS World Map of Youth Climate Report Interview Subjects 2015
Created by York University, Mark Terry, Humanities 6329, "Digital Humanities and Social Change", Professor T.V. Reed