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Ecosystem Based Adaptation in Mountain Ecosystems

The project “Ecosystem Based Adaptation in Mountain Ecosystems”, sponsored by BMU for a period of 4 years (from December 2010), looks at the impacts of climate change on the integrity and functioning of mountain ecosystems in three countries, namely Nepal, Peru and Uganda. The project is a joint and complementary effort of UNEP, UNDP and IUCN. All three partners have a strong background in EBA and related fields. UNEP provides overall coordination for the project, while UNDP and IUCN are responsible for country level coordination through the UN country teams. As the programme develops, other countries and other ecosystems will be added.

The objective of the project is to strengthen the capacities of Nepal, Peru and Uganda to strengthen ecosystem resilience for promoting ecosystem based adaptation (EBA) options and to reduce the vulnerability of communities, with particular emphasis on mountain ecosystems. The project consists of four components:

  • the development of methodologies and tools for mountain ecosystems;
  • the application of the above tools and methodologies at the national level;
  • the implementation of EBA pilots at the ecosystem level; and
  • the formulation of national policies and building an economic case for EBA at the national level.

The project aims to create new opportunities for experimental learning between regions and among countries within the same region. Through parallel and cooperative development and application of methodologies and tools, and the implementation of pilot projects, the project will shorten the learning curve of local and national institutions and fast track the transfer of knowledge and experience for building ecosystem resilience.

Main contact persons:

Musonda Mumba, Programme Officer and Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EBA) Flagship Programme Focal Point (