As governments, businesses, and civil society gear up to adapt to climate change they are often confronted with a lack of adequate knowledge about both the threats of climate change and how to respond. One of the main reasons this knowledge is not accessible is the simple fact that the research community working on climate change vulnerability, impacts and adaptation (VIA) is not as organized or coordinated as it could be. Hence, to provide more cohesive and coordinated global research efforts, UNEP and partners have founded PROVIA, the Programme of Research on climate change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation.

PROVIA is a new and growing network of scientists, practitioners and decision-makers forming a vitally important interface between the scientific community and policymakers. Through various activities, PROVIA aims to improve the availability and accessibility of VIA knowledge to policymakers and other stakeholders.

PROVIA is currently working on:

  • Developing guidelines for conducting climate adaptation studies.
  • Identifying research gaps on climate vulnerability, impact and adaptation from the twin perspectives of policymaking and science.
  • Providing advice and scientific information.
  • Fostering communication within the research community and between researchers and stakeholders.

The PROVIA Secretariat is hosted by UNEP in Nairobi. The Office of the Chief Scientist co-founded PROVIA and the Chief Scientist serves on its Scientific Steering Committee.