UNEP and Rio 2016 to promote the first workshop for the Civil Society Dialogues on the Sustainability Plan for 2016 Olympics and Paralympics Games

NGOs and other organizations were invited to review the plan and collaborate on its newest version

Rio de Janeiro, 2 December 2013 - The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Organizing Committee of Olympic and Paralympics Games of 2016 (Rio 2016) are to promote the first edition of the Civil Society Dialogues on Sustainability Plan for 2016 Olympics and Paralympics Games, on 2 to 4 December. As a component for the cooperation agreement signed by UNEP and Rio 2016, the Sustainability Plan will be presented to civil society organizations to prevent risks, recognize opportunities, identify eventual gaps and, after this collaboration, build an elaborated version of the document.

“For UNEP, the dialogue with different stakeholders is a fundamental strategy to give transparency for the Olympic Games preparation. In addition, considering different approaches from the society will help the development of a more complete Sustainable Plan”, says UNEP Representative in Brazil, Ms. Denise Hamú.

More than 80 NGOs are invited to the workshop, including organizations with relevant work focused on sustainable development, urban mobility, gender and ethnic empowerment, accessibility, housing and urban settlements, sports and development, human rights and other issues.

The Sustainability Plan for the Olympics and Paralympics Games had, as a starting point, the commitments presented by Rio de Janeiro as a Candidate City for the 2016 edition of the Games. Later, the Plan gathered initiatives and projects related to its operations, infrastructures and legacy. The document was written under the cooperation of the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, Local and Federal Governments, and the Olympic Public Authority, which is the government structure created to coordinate City, State and Federal efforts with the 2016 Games.  

The Sustainability Plan is structured in three axis, also chose as main themes of each day of the workshop. Planet is related to the reduction of the environmental impact of the interventions for the Olympics and Paralympics Games. The debates will be centered on public transportation, sustainable construction, environmental conservation and waste management. People addresses an inclusive organization of the event, discussing public awareness, accessibility and gender and ethnical diversity. And Prosperity is focused on the contribution for the social and economic development of Rio de Janeiro and a transparent planning. The debate on efficient management and the development of a sustainable supply’s chain will be held in this axis.     

The outcomes of the Workshop will offer inputs for a new version of the Sustainability Plan. The document will continue under constant revision, incorporating new technical contributions and following the Brazilian and global rules and legislation. 

Further information

The current version of the Sustainability Plan for the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics Games is available at www,rio2016.com/en/sustainability.

Marcelo Tavela, Communications Assistant, UNEP Brazil Office - 55 61 3038.9237, comunicacao@pnuma.org