Children's World Summit for the Environment

UNEP organized the first Children’s World Summit for the Environment in Japan from 26 to 29 July 2005 in conjunction with Expo 2005. It was hosted by the Aichi Prefecture Government, the City of Toyota and the City of Toyohashi.

The Summit was a follow-up to the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Its aim was to discuss how to better involve children in the implementation of the decisions from these summits.

The Children’s World Summit for the Environment brought together approximately 600 children, aged between 10 and 14, from 65 countries, together with 250 adult chaperones. The Summit increased the children’s understanding of environmental issues by letting them share experiences and opinions, give them an opportunity to collectively voice their concerns for the environment and inspire them to initiate and implement community environmental projects. They also participated in a series of workshops organized by both local and international facilitators around the themes of the Summit (Energy, Forest and Bio-diversity, Water and Recycling). They also paid a visit to Expo 2005. UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO and the World Bank also hosted workshops/presentations and IMO sponsored participants from Cyprus, Greece and Turkey. The Summit culminated in a set of commitments to be implemented by the delegates for the World Summit in New York this September.

A Junior Board consisting of six representatives from the UNEP regions (North America, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, West Asia, and Asia and the Pacific) helped with preparations for the Children’s World Summit. The Junior Board worked with the Japan organizing committee and UNEP to develop an agenda and ensure that the facilities, meals and programme of the Summit reflected the needs of the participating children. The organizing committee, UNEP and the Junior Board selected the best projects and notified the successful applicants.

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